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Words 2.2 with RSS

RSS done right. Finally

Today Apple approved our implementation of RSS which went through a month of extensive beta testing. You now can update your existing Words to the new version.

Our approach to RSS

We went a different way as most our competitors. We didn't use any APIs from the different vendors around the block, payed or free. Quite frankly, we had enough of these external services over which we have no control how stable & reliable they are.

We wanted to do it on our own. The way we wanted RSS to be. We don't wanted to see any teaser articles in our stream. Only full, nicely rendered articles. So we built it that way. And we hope you like it as much as we do.

We remade all our themes

Over the past few months I sat down and built a framework that could handle our quite unique affordances (like responsive typography, best readability, works with all types of formatting). The result: "Out of Words", available on Github. Surprisingly (for me, at least), it got quite a buzz (mentions from @smashingmag, @bradfrost and many more). And I kept on evolving it. And now it is the framework that powers our themes. I hope you like it. I tried to make the most enjoyable and readable themes you can find on the Mac.

Additionally, I added the new Fira (Feura) font, made by the awesome Erik Spiekermann for Mozilla's phone OS and released for free. Big thanks to Erik for that. It is beautiful and I love it.

We hope you like the update. We definitively love it. Let us know what you think over at @thewordsapp.

Check out the Words page for more details.