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Words Beta - Part 2

Second Beta release now available

Today we bring you our second Beta version. This version is mainly a big bug fix, that addresses many small issues.

It took us some time because we had to rewrite our complete RSS engine due to a sandbox issue that we hadn't anticipated before (thanks for that, Apple!). After that was done we fixed stuff from our Github issue tracker. So have fun using this improved (and faster) version of Words with RSS.

Final Beta soon

In our upcoming final Beta version we will automatically detect the language used inside your RSS items and adjust the hyphenation to it (the extra mile for optimal readability, you know...). And we will continue to fix small bugs (we still got a few on our list). Drop us an issue if you find anything new that needs repairing.

And thanks to all our testers for their time and energy to help make Words the best possible reading experience.

Now, go ahead and give the new Words a try. It's free for everyone as long as it’s in Beta.